10 Top Water Sports You Should Try

Top Water Sports You Should Try - water skiing

 10 Top Water Sports You Should Try
- Water sports are a great way to lift your mood, exercise your muscles and improve flexibility. Needless to say, water sports are sports carried out on the surface of water such as skiing, surfing, swimming and so on.

However, a couple of other water sports which fall under the category of extreme sports involve exploring the deep shores beneath. Unlike other sports, most water sports can be enjoyed alone, that is, without a partner. Nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to have some fun with a group of friends. After all, the more, the merrier.

You do not have to wait for summer to indulge yourself in one or two hours of relaxation. Take advantage of these ten of the most common exciting water sports. We have no doubts that you will enjoy them.


Top Water Sports You Should Try - surfing 

This is one water sport that is definitely worth trying. I wouldn't be surprised if it tops everyone's list. This activity isn't just portrayed in movies as exciting but also lives up to its name. 

Surfing involves riding a wave while lying or standing on a surfboard. As a first timer, you really shouldn't explore surfing without the proper training.

You need to learn how to hunt for a big wave as well as how to maintain your balance on the surfboard while surfing.

Does any location come to mind? Well, here is a tip. According to CNN, the world's best surf spot is the Oahu pipeline in Hawaii, USA. We also have the Gold Coast in Australia, Malibu in California as well as the Jeffery's bay in South Africa among others. 


 Top Water Sports You Should Try - swimming

This is one of the most obvious go-to water sports which can be enjoyed anytime and any day.

Most people do not even consider it a sport but an activity carried out for fun and relaxation. It  involves moving through water with the aid of your arms and feet.

The beauty of this sport is that you do not need to find a big mass of water to enjoy it. Even the pool in your home would do.


 Top Water Sports You Should Try - rafting

Here, your team spirit is tested and used as a "weapon for survival." Rafting involves two major things: a raft and teamwork.

This sport is enjoyed with a group of people, together with whom you will find your way to the shore. Rafts are not necessarily made from wood but from any material that is buoyant enough to keep it afloat.

These could include air chambers which have been inflated or sealed barrels. Combining these materials to produce a flat structure to serve as a means of moving over water could also do the trick.

The rafts are usually sailed with paddles and the paddles help in navigating your way through the water.

 Water Skiing

Top Water Sports You Should Try - water skiing

The origin of water skiing can be traced back to the 1920s when it was discovered by Ralph Samuelson.

This sport is played on the surface of the water with the help of a ski (or skis) and a tow rope. If you are trying this sport for the first time, it is advisable to start with two skis and try it out with one ski when you are sure of your level of expertise.

It is also known as cable skiing when it involves the ski installation as against the conventional method of being pulled along by a boat.

Scuba Diving

Top Water Sports You Should Try - scuba diving

 Scuba Diving is a one-man water sport but the name suggests two things.

Scuba, which is an apparatus that makes respiration possible underwater and Diving which means swimming beyond the surface level but actually going underwater. The word Scuba is an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. This life saver was invented in the 1950s by Dr Christian Lambertsen. It comprises one or two gas cylinders of compressed air and a mouthpiece with which the diver can breathe.

Thus, the sport involves exploring deeper parts of the ocean while breathing with the aid of a scuba. Also, the possibility of a scuba running out of air cannot be ruled out and it has led to the death of many scuba divers. Ensure to keep in mind that the maximum a typical scuba can go is 60 minutes underwater.

Also, a scuba alone is not enough to ensure survival underwater. Other necessary apparatus include fins to be attached to the feet for better swimming action, a mask for clearer vision underwater and a couple of other things.

Water Polo

Top Water Sports You Should Try - water polo

Water Polo is another sport that isn't enjoyed solo. It was originally known as "Football-in-the-water."

Here, a ball is being tossed around in water by teams of seven people. The aim of course, is to toss the ball into the net just like a normal football game.

This sport is played in a swimming pool. You really wouldn't want a big ocean wave messing with your game or washing your football net down the shore.

Ice Diving

Top Water Sports You Should Try - ice diving

Ice Diving is an extreme water sport which you ordinarily shouldn't try during winter. But guess what! That's the idea of the whole game - diving in icy cold water!

Similar to scuba diving, respiration is made possible with the use of a scuba. The difference is that the dive takes place in the arctic or places where the temperature falls below freezing point. How "cool" is that? Still, to participate in this sport, you need to be properly trained and specially kitted.

In addition to a scuba apparatus, other essentials include dry suit, thermal protective gear, environmental sealed regulators as well as cutting tools.


Top Water Sports You Should Try - parasailing

If you have decided to play this game, then you must be ready to go all in. This is because you are not in control of the game while at it.

In parasailing, you are being attached to a driving boat while being flown in the air with the aid of a parasail. You get to enjoy your time in the air while what goes on down below is totally none of your business.

Still, you might want to play safe by ensuring that the boat is strong enough to support your weight all through the activity. Parasailing is also called Parascending or Parakiting.

Jet Skiing

Top Water Sports You Should Try - jet skiing

Unlike cable skiing, jet skiing has to do with skiing with the use of a jet ski. This is a motorcycle powered by a jet engine used to move on the surface of water.

It is also known as a Watercraft on which the driver can sit or stand. It can be used by one or two people depending on the mode of usage. While sitting, the ski can accommodate two people conveniently.

However, this is not the case while standing as only one person can use it at a time.

The stand-up mode is preferred to most athletes as it makes it possible to perform more tricks and race faster.


Top Water Sports You Should Try - kayaking

Kayaking is quite similar to canoeing but is done with the use of a Kayak.

Also, unlike the single-bladed paddles used in canoeing, kayaking is enjoyed with double-bladed paddles. In kayaking, the kayaks are usually enclosed and the kayaker sits with his/her leg stretched inside.

This is contrary to canoes on which the canoer sits or kneels while paddling. This is because a kayak sits slightly below the surface of the water and requires an enclosure to prevent water from filling the kayak. Hence, the presence of a deck which is absent in a boat.

Kayaks are usually made from wood or fiberglass. Kayaks have been in existence for a long time and their history could be traced to about 2000 years ago when the Eskimos used them for travelling and hunting.

Bottom Line

You don't have to hit the gym to stay fit.

Water sports provide an avenue to maintain physical fitness, mental wellness and even have fun while at it. Talk of killing two birds with one stone. Engaging in water sports is the way to go.