12 Money Earning Games to Earn Tons of Dollars

Money Earning Games to Earn Tons of Dollars

Imagine if you had the option of paying the bills with your favorite pastime? Well, it is possible. All thanks to technology. A lot of people perceive playing mobile games as a very effective way to unwind; an escape from the day's stress.

The best part of it is that you do not have to hit the casino for this. Every mobile device is a potential casino! And guess what, that's not all. With the advent of Play-to-earn games, every mobile device is a potential money-making machine. Now, you can do more than just chat, make calls or surf the net with your device.

You can actually make real money, and that too from something you enjoy doing leisurely even if you weren't getting paid for it. How cool is that? This is something we definitely didn't see coming but we love it all the same.

Money earning games are one of the 21st century's greatest technological developments. Gone are those days when people had to spend a fortune on video games. Now, gaming has become more interesting and competitive. Remember, there is a prize involved so it's necessary to keep your head in the game.

While some mobile games pay in the form of gift cards, cryptocurrency, tickets and the likes, others pay in (real) cash. More often than not, games that pay cash usually pay a meager amount at a time and put forth the condition of reaching a stipulated minimum amount for withdrawal.

However, based on your active participation, you could surpass the minimum amount in almost no time at all. So, if you are the type that enjoys gaming, it's high time you turned your hobby into a relevant side hustle.

Some of the best money earning games to indulge yourself with are discussed here.

Solitaire Cube

Money Earning Games to Earn Tons of Dollars

Solitaire is a one-person card game in which the cards are arranged systematically or paired and discarded. Although this game was designed for one person, a couple of other people can be incorporated into it.

Solitaire Cube is a time-dependent solitaire gaming app which involves two people. The whole idea of the game is to play against someone (an opponent) with you both dealing the same cards. There is usually a time limit and whoever finishes the game first within the stipulated time frame wins.

The Solitaire cube is so dynamic in the sense that you can decide to play for fun or earn some dough while at it. You can also decide to make an even bigger deal out of it by competing in tournaments. You, of course, earn more points. The points earned in the solitaire cube can be withdrawn as real cash via a Visa card, MasterCard, PayPal, Apple Pay and AMEX.

Pool Payday

Money Earning Games to Earn Tons of Dollars

Pool Payday can be described as a 2-in-1 game which features both the pool and solitaire games in an interesting combination. The points earned when a player scores in Pool Payday are converted to money.

Utilizing some of the features on the game app such as the trick shot feature earns you extra points. Being one of the top Skillz games, you get paid in real cash when you win against your opponent. There's more.

The Pool Payday promo code “2PlayFree,” gives you an opportunity to earn a cash bonus of $15 provided you make minimum initial cash deposits of $2 each.

Farmville 3

Money Earning Games to Earn Tons of Dollars

Put your basic knowledge of traditional farm practice into productive use in Farmville 3. This game entails a typical farmer's life, that is, planting crops and rearing livestock for commercial purposes.

It is an interesting game which provides an avenue for making extra cash and gaining some farming experience virtually. You are expected to build an animal farm and tackle 30 game levels within 10 days of downloading the app. This gives you a cash bonus of $10 in the form of Swagbucks instantly.

Grand Mafia

Money Earning Games to Earn Tons of Dollars

The Grand Mafia online game also pays in the form of Swagbucks. Just like in Farmville 3, You are expected to build your avatar into a mafia boss and tackle 25 game levels within 30 days of downloading the app. You instantly get your bonus of 10,000 SBs which is equivalent to $100.

The amount will be credited into your Swagbucks account from where they can be retrieved and exchanged for gift cards or withdrawn as cash via PayPal.

Merge Dragons

Money Earning Games to Earn Tons of Dollars

In order to play Merge Dragons, an InboxDollars account is essential. As such, the first line of action is downloading the InboxDollars app and creating an account.

Once this is done, you are all set for your money-making adventure. In the initial stages, you will be required to merge items together such as eggs, fruits and so on. It is expected of you to reach Foothills 3 before earning your reward of $40. This has to be done within 14 days of downloading and installing the app. The reward will then be credited into your InboxDollars account from which you can request for a withdrawal in the form of gift cards or cash deposit.

Dominoes Gold

Money Earning Games to Earn Tons of Dollars

Dominoes Gold is also referred to as Fives, Doer Di, Muggins, Five Up, and All Fives. The dominoes which are usually painted in gold color can be obtained or won by competing in tournaments. With them, real money can be earned via the points accumulated. The game can be a little tricky, especially for first timers, so, you are advised to kickstart the game by playing in free mode against your computer as the opponent.

This is done to enhance playing skills, after which you can go ahead to play the game online and play for real. Winners are rewarded in form of cash, giftcards, sweepstakes and merchandise.

Wealth Words

Money Earning Games to Earn Tons of Dollars

Hello Genius! You sure enjoy putting your brains to task a lot, don't you? How about earning some money while at it?

Quite similar to the likes of scrabble, word games and so on, Wealth Words is a brain-tasking game that involves solving crosswords within the shortest time possible.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is $20 and the fee charged for entering for a round of contest ranges from $0.50 to $1. Payments are made via PayPal.

World Winner

Money Earning Games to Earn Tons of Dollars

Here, you participate in various tournaments like arcades, word games, casinos and game shows and get paid in cash for winning any of them.

Before you can participate, you need to pay an entry fee of about $0.25 and above and winners can get up to $500,000 for every tournament won. Just in case you aren't so confident about playing yet, you have the option of taking up free practice sessions. This can continue until you can handle a tournament confidently.

Blackout Bingo

Money Earning Games to Earn Tons of Dollars

Blackout Bingo is one of the easiest game apps in terms of usage and navigation.

Just like the conventional bingo game, it is a game of luck and only the trophy card can guarantee a successful win. You however need all the concentration, speed, and accuracy you can possibly get. You can take advantage of some of the app's special features like boosts to improve your chances of winning, and ultimately obtaining the title of bingo master.

A round of Blackout bingo is completed in two minutes and guess what, it's absolutely free!

Skillz Games

Money Earning Games to Earn Tons of Dollars

Skillz Games is one of the very few online money-earning games that allow multiple players at once. It is a large platform with over 30 million players and about 5 million tournaments on a daily basis. Participation is free and you have the opportunity of playing multiple games per day. Every month, Skillz games gives out about a whopping $100 million as a prize.

To gain access to all these benefits, register and create an account. Then you can go ahead to download and install all the games on the platform on your mobile device. Competing with others gives you an edge over those that play solo. The resultant effect of this is more money.

Big Buck Hunter

Money Earning Games to Earn Tons of Dollars

Big Buck Hunter puts your aiming and accuracy skills to test, but of course virtually. Bring out the virtual hunter in you by participating in the Big Buck World Championship which involves aiming at a deer to earn real money.

The app tests your shooting skills and the farther away you are from the target, the higher your scores will be. Aiming for and actually shooting the deer in the head and heart increase your points and bring you closer to the ultimate Marksman award.

If you emerge as a championship winner, you will be in an agreement with Skillz with respect to your preferred reward.

Spades Cash

Money Earning Games to Earn Tons of Dollars

Spades Cash is a one-man game which prioritizes comparisons between solo players to pick and reward winners. Each player plays solo after which each of the points gets compared with those of other players. Each Spades Cash player’s points get compared to other players, and the highest player wins money or real-world prizes. It’s a game of skill to earn the most points and be the winner.

However, there is an opportunity for each solo player to enter into a multiplayer tournament, provided the player is confident enough to handle it. This definitely gives rise to more points. Here, just like in some other similar games, you can take up practice sessions for free before moving onto the real deal.

Playing Spades for real money adds a new level of competition to the classic game. You can practice for free and start wagering real cash when you’re ready.

Payments are made via PayPal, MasterCard, Visa card, Apple Pay and American Express.